Visiting The Baker Hotel 4-25-17


Tuesday my friend Marie and I ventured out for the day and visited the historic Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.


First opened to the public on November 29, 1929 this now abandoned hotel was built 88 years ago.

Rising 14 feet above Mineral Wells, it housed 450 guest rooms, two ballrooms, an in-house beauty shop, and other novelties such as a bowling alley, a gymnasium, and an outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool.

You can read more about the history of the hotel here.

Today it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Texas. Check out this video someone captured of a ghost moving across the lobby floor.While the Mineral Wells offered ghost walk sounds fun, the real reason I had this building on my bucket list was because of how massive it is and the history behind it. The architecture of this building is absolutely amazing. Even in its demising state it is beautiful to see.

We got a peek on the inside through a few windows, but passed on entering the building; a combination of being law abiding citizens and fear for our safety.

Here is a short video.

And a photo gallery.